Remet RT 720R Wood Chipper


The Remet RT-720R  wood chipper is equipped with hydraulic feed rollers and is designed for crushing branches and tree trunks with a diameter of up to 17 cm. The thickness of the wood chips can be adjusted by changing the feed speed of the guide rollers. The knives are bolted to a cutting disc with a diameter of 720 mm, which due to its weight (85 kg) gives a swing.

Machinery Features

  • Exhaust chimney can be rotated 360˚
  • High efficiency
  • Obtained chips can be used as fuel, compost or shrub bedding
  • Disc Chipper
  • Immersive Rollers

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Machinery Price £4,851.00

Machinery Description

The RT 720R wood chipper with intake rollers is equipped with a safety switch and guards to ensure safe operation. The chipper has a material withdrawal system from the feed hopper. The exhaust chimney can be rotated 360˚ to direct the stream of woodchips in the right direction, the obtained chips can be used as fuel (suitable for screw feeders) or as a composter or bedding for shrubs.
Above all the shredder is characterized by high efficiency and high comfort of work.

The chipper drive on the RT 720R wood chipper is transmitted through the PTO shaft from the tractor PTO shaft (right-hand rotation). We recommend using power transmission shafts equipped with a shear pin clutch (available in our offer),  for example, in the event of machine overloading the pin is sheared and the drive is disconnected. Lubrication of rolling bearings takes place through calamites  in the bearing housing.

About Remet CNC company

REMET CNC TECHNOLOGY has been operating on the market of precision metal machining and machine production since 1998. As a result many years of experience have facilitated the proper identification of the market and the needs of customers in the field of wood processing.

Disc chippers
max. branch cutting diameter
17 cm
min / recommended power
55/80 km
mat. after cutting


Technical data

Minimum / recommended power 55/80 km
Number of knives on a cutting disc 4 +1 counter-counter / counter-counter
Recommended PTO shaft speed 540-1000 rpm
Oil flow required 60 l / min
PTO shaft rotation direction right hand
Maximum diameter of branch cutting dry hard wood 120 mm
fresh soft wood 170 mm
fresh hard wood 150 mm
Maximum capacity 12 m3 / h
Saw blade diameter 720 mm
Weight of cutting disc 85 kg
Execution of cutting knives HARDOX steel type 500
The angle of rotation of the outlet pipe 360˚
Chipper attachment system Three-point suspension system
Height of the discharge pipe 210 cm
Weight 450 kg

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