Pronar ZMC 3.0 Sweeper

Our modern Road Sweepers are fitted with state-of-the-art equipment for optimum performance. Pronar UK have some of the best sweepers in the business.

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Machinery Price £34,000.00

Machinery Description

Pronar ZMC 3.0 Sweeper 

Extra detail about the ZMC 3.0 Sweeper

The Pronar ZMC 3.0 is an elevator sweeper with a  mechanical transport of dirt. The sweeper works on a system of two disc brushes and the rear brush that cleans the surface, with a conveyor belt to transport dirt into the container. Unloading the dirt is done hydraulically by the operator in the cab.

This sweeper helps to maintain clean conditions of roads, city streets, residential yards and car parks. It is also perfect for after winter road cleaning.  The ZMC 3.0 is also equipped with a sprinkler system with a large capacity (1150l) water tank.

  • Vibrator system for easy emptying
  • Galvanised frame
  • Brush working zone lights
  • Warning lights and warning sign, mounted on back of machine
  • Registration plate frame with lights
  • Left brush hydraulic adjustment
  • Additional warning light
  • Clearance boards
  • Set of chocks
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Pneumatic brakes (single line)
  • Water level marker
  • PTO shaft drive
  • PTO shaft
  • Additional side brush


Technical Data

Weight 3150  kg
Max. Working width 2.4- 2.7  m
Power supply PTO powered hydraulic pump
PTO rpm 540  obr/min
Working speed 0 – 20  km/h
Water tank capacity 1150  dm3
Dust container capacity 3  m3
Electric power supply 12  V
Container emptying height 2200  mm
Wheels 235/75R17,5  _



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