Pronar T316 Slurry Tanker

Used Pronar Slurry Tanker 6000L

Machinery Price £10,175.00

Machinery Description

Pronar T316 Slurry Tanker


Extra Details about the Pronar T316 Slurry Tanker

Every slurry tanker from Pronar is exceptionally durable. Their high resistance to corrosion and multifunctionality are just some of their advantages. Customers can choose between three available tank capacity: 4000 l 5000 l 6000 l, made of steel, with improved strength properties.

The 6000 litre tanker has an inner partition ‘breakwater’; the aim of which is to prevent a substance from waving. In addition this slurry tanker has a double protection system which prevents the pump from flooding, also a special overpressure valve helps to avoid too high pressure.


Technical Data 

Type T316      
Allowable total weight 8650 kg    
Loading capacity 6600 kg    
Empty weight 2050 kg    
Tank capacity 6000 l    
Tank length 4120 mm    
Tank diameter 1400 mm    
Tank plate thickness 5 mm    
Dimensions (length, width, height) 6708/2400/2610 mm    
Tank mounting on the suspension frame      
Filling system / discharge system Pneumatic      
under pressure/overpressure      
Wheel track 1860 mm    
Suspension one axle, rigid      
Hitch-ring load 1400 kg    
Tires 500/60-22,5      
Maximum speed 40 km/h    
Minimum tractor power requirement 65,26/48 HP/kW    
PTO range 540 rpm    
Maximum compressor efficiency 6150 L/min    
Maximum filling time 5 min    
  • Construction is a single-axle frame with attached tank.
  • Frame is made of closed rectangular steel profiles.
  • The tank is made of high-durability steel and has special welded-in ring frames to stiffen the construction.
  • The tank has double-welding inside and outside.
  • Opened rear hatch with diameter of 500 mm for easier servicing and maintenance.
  • The machine is equipped with MEC 5000/M compressor with max. efficiency of 6150 l/min.
  • Rear valve (4″) is opened hydraulically – controlled from tractor.
  • The compressor has a two-stage flooding protection – a relief valve placed on the top of tank and also an aerator.






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