Pronar Mixer Feeder VMP-10s


Produce quality fodder with Pronar UK’s mixer feeders. We vouch for the fact that our product will bring about better result owing to their reliability as well as longevity. We know these machines need to work 365 days of the year. Our feeders come in various sizes, optimized to serve customer needs. We are the best solution for customers involved in livestock farming.

The Pronar mixer feeder VMP-10S is suitable for preparing all types of fodder for example powdered or granular feed products which enhance milk production.

Machinery Features 

  • Reliable
  • Precise
  • Time saving
  • Efficient


Machinery Price £16,786.00

Machinery Description

Pronar Mixer Feeder VMP10s


Extra Details about the Pronar Mixer Feeder VMP10s

The Pronar Mixer Feeders range maximizes efficiency, reduces the time spent on feeding and increases milk yield of cows.

The Pronar Mixer Feeder VMP-10s  is an ideal solution for cattle farms with a herd of 50-60 cows.  The optimally shaped auger mixer shortens the feed cutting and mixing time to minimum, which as a result reduces your time. In addition to this the 4-point weighing system with LCD display allows the user to accurately dispense the ingredients. Two discharge windows, provide a uniform and smooth dispensing of feed from the tank, also the machine has removable and adjustable cutting blades and two mechanically operated counter blades, this mixing mechanism is characterized by low power demand.



We give our customers confidence when they purchase from our outstanding fleet with 2 years warranty on new machinery and 1 year on all of our used machinery.

Pronar offer a wide range of finance deals and options that can be tailored to all of your needs. Some of the services we offer are: Hire Purchase, Finance Lease and Contract Hire.




Technical Data 

Permissible total weight: 7700 [kg]
Load capacity: 4000 [kg]
Empty weight: 3700 [kg]
Container capacity: 10* [m 3]
Container loading surface 7.1 [m 2]
Maximum length of container: 3530 [mm]
Maximum width of container: 2490 [mm]
Container height: 1588** [mm]
Container floor diameter:: 1960 [mm]
Dimensions (Length/Width/Height) 4860/2550/2670 [mm]
Container floor/sidewall/extensions thickness: 20/8/8 [mm]
Platform height, measured from the ground: 820 [mm]
Wheel track: 1700 [mm]
Suspension: fixed
Hitch-ring load: 1300 [kg]
Tyres: 30×11.5-14.5 RE
Construction speed: 25 [km/h]
Weighting system: 4-points
Feeding system:  2 windows on the sides symmetrically located
Number of mixer rotations (PTO ratio 540 RPM): 25,6 [rpm]
Tractor power requirement: 65/47,8 [hp/kW]
* Container capacity with extension 250 mm
** Internal height of the container without extension




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