Pronar T669XL Grain / Silo Trailer

Another fantastic trailer from Pronar, suitable for carrying both grass and grains.

Also available for hire, contact us for prices

Machinery Price £19,556.00

Machinery Description

Pronar Grain/Silo Trailer T669XL

Extra details about the Pronar T669XL

The Pronar Grain / Silo Trailer T669XL is the latest model of tandem tipping trailer in Pronar’s offer.  The T669XL trailer is a robust construction, made of high-quality materials, with a large carrying capacity. A functional well sealed body with a hydraulic tailgate, with rubber seals. This trailer is suitable for larger farms. The trailer’s construction is universal, equipped with a strong, stable chassis with a 3t draw-bar with shock absorber and tandem suspension on four parabolic springs.

Machinery Features

    • Lightweight Design
    • Solid Construction
    • Universal
    • Functional

Technical Data

Total Permissible Weight 21000 KG
Load Capacity 15800** KG
Empty Weight 5200 KG
Loading Space 12.9 M
Load Volume 22.6
Loading Case Inside Length 5700 mm
Loading Case Inside Width 2240/2300*** mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 7760/2550/2930 mm
Sidewall Height 1750+600 (option) mm
Floor/Wall Thickness 4/4 mm
Platform Height (Measured from the ground.) 1180 mm
Wheel Track 1960 mm
Suspension Parabolic Springs
Tyres 385/65 R22.5 RE
Maximum Speed 40 KMH
Tipping System 1 Side Tipping System
Tipping Cylinder (Piston Stroke/Oil Requirement/Working Pressure) 2400mm /29L /200bar
Tractor Power Requirement 104/76,4 HP/kW
Tipping Angle (Backwards) 50 Degrees
*Dependent on regulations in each country.
**Depends on road regulations and equipment.
***Width of loading case, suitable for EURO PALLET transport.
Side extensions available, fabricated on-site



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