Pronar T285/1 made for the UK

Pronar T285/1 made for the UK


Designed with the user in mind, and built to High Standards our range of Hook-Lift Trailers are second to none, and we are certain they will meet your every need.

Built to CHEM standards , with additional extras as required. All our trailers are built with full user safety features, to eliminate user error.

Suitable for;


Hook Lift trailers can significantly reduce your costs by eliminating the need for additional trailers that may only be used for short periods of time throughout the year. By using a range of trailer bodies for different jobs, but only one tractor, trailer and driver can save you money, time, labour and fuel.

We carry a wide range of Hook Lift Trailers from CHEM to DIN Specification in stock, we have a knowledge of these trailers so we can offer the support needed with such specification Hook Lift Trailers to keep you running. Our trailers can come with full user protection to enhance the safety on site and for the operators. We can also provide you with a range of fabrication services. Enabling us to build a trailer body to your specification, whether that be a skip, flatbed, crane body or whatever suits your businesses needs.



Tipping frame: rectangular made of closed profiles
Hook Ø65 according to UK CHEM Standard
Tandem suspension with 4 parabolic springs, axle base 1810mm,
with fixed front axle and passively steered rear axle, drum brakes 406x140mm,
with a hydraulic system of the steering lock,
(it needs permanent connection with the tractor by one pair hydraulic sockets)
Drawbar: fixed to couple with lower hitch of the tractor
Drawbar towing hitch: rotary towing eye Ø50
Drawbar support: short UK type
Braking system: double line air or hydraulic
Crank hand brake
Rear bumper, homologated, with manual setting in 3 positions
(depends on length of the container)
Lighting system 12 V (bulb) with side clearence lights
Rear lamps with protective grating
Plastic mudguards (behind the rear wheel, in front of the front wheel)
Wheel chocks + racks
Central hydraulic system with electro-hydraulic safety system controlled by tractor’s
hydraulic divider (for tractors with 3 pairs of hydraulic sockets). Functions: suspension
blockage, hydraulic container lock (for containers made according to CHEM), hydraulic
tipping with hydraulic switching between hook trailer / tipper with light indicator,
hydraulic hook arm
Trailer requires a tractor with three pairs of external hydraulic sockets to power
the central hydraulic system
Chemically hardened two-component paint, anti-corrosion , UV-resistant
Tipping frame colour BLACK RAL 9005 PRONAR


Drawbar towing hitch: rotary with towing eye Ø40mm
Drawbar towing hitch: ball-type K80mm
Drawbar towing hitch: fixed with towing eye Ø50mm
Drawbar support: telescopic supporting leg with two-step gear
Drawbar support: telescopic supporting leg with a pin
Side underrun protection, Tool box
Braking system: double line air with automatic braking force regulator (ALB)
braking system: “Premium” double line pneumatic with automatic braking force
regulator (ALB), Braking system: combined (double line air + hydraulic)
Braking system: combined (double line air + hydraulic with electric safety valve
and braking force controller)
Rear couplings of braking system for second trailer
Rear manual hitch, amortized, Rear automatic hitch
2 hydraulic cylinders supporting the first stage of tipping
Electric steering from tractor’s cabin of Central Hydraulic System
(hydraulic system needs 1 pair of hydraulic socket)
“Central hydraulic system with a PTO driven pump and its own oil tank
(the system does not require connection to the tractor’s hydraulics) ”
Additional pair of hydraulic sockets at the back (to supply container tailgate)
A pair of hydraulic sockets at the rear (for powering e.g. container tailgate )
with an additional pair of hydraulic system sockets on the hook
Suspension stabilizer – set for one axle
Aluminum mudguards, Metal mudguards, LED lights
Tube for documents, Warning triangle
Version for 60 km/h (pneumatic double line brakes with ALB)
Non standard colours according to RAL CALSSIC codes* (doesn’t apply for units on stock)



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