PH 2 Hooklift trailer

PH 2 Hooklift trailer

PH 2

  • 2020
  • 3T Gross weight
  • Suitable for compact tractors
  • Finance, lease or contract hire options available


PH 2 Hooklift trailer 


Introducing the new PH 2 Hooklift trailer, a compact trailer ideal for smaller farms, ground care companies, golf clubs, and equestrian yards. We are now taking orders for these handy trailers, suitable for those on a budget.

These trailers look great and are built by the same company who have built our range of HookLift trailers, so be assured of their high quality and reliability. 

We can make a wide range of skips and bodies suitable to your job, please see the Fabrication Services page for some examples of recent jobs we have carried out. Follow this link to see the PH 2 trailer operating.


Total weight – DMC (kg): 3050
Total weight of container with cargo (kg): 2300
Standard version weight (kg): 1000
Top speed (km/h): 30
Max. container weight – pulling (kg): 2300
Max. container weight – tipping (kg): 2300
Max. speed for max tech. conditions (km/h): <=25
Container length (m): 3000
Container unloading angle (°): 55
Total length with container (m): 4700
Loading height (mm): 900
Total width with container (m): 2080
Power demand (KM): 70
Standard suspension type: bogie
Available suspension types:
Standard tire size: 10,0/75-15,3
Tractor pump efficiency (l/min.): Min. 50
Working pressure (bar): 160





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