ATMP Square Bale Squeezer

ATMP Square Bale Squeezer

Safely move your square bales with this square bale squeezer from ATMP. Great design reduces the chance of damaging wrapped bales.

All makes of brackets can be ordered and welded on at an additional cost.

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ATMP Square Bale Squeezer


This ATMP square bale squeezer is a solid piece of kit, its high quality build makes it a reliable piece of farm equipment. ATMP use durable hydraulic cylinders and high quality hydraulic wires with connectors.
The square bale squeezers construction guarantees safe bale transportation and subsequently reduces the chance of damaging your wrapped bales.
The bale squeezer is equipped with grease-free polymer sleeves, these sleeves are resistant to friction and absorb vibrations. Grease nipples are not necessary. The wide arms guarantee excellent grip of bales.

These bale grabs have;

  • Round fixed steel arms
  • High quality steel
  • Durable hydraulic cylinder
  • Shot blasted and powder coated

Headstocks available in stock;

  • Euro
  • Pin and cone
  • JCB Q-Fit

Max arms spread: 2300mm

Bale lifting capacity: 900kg

ATMP are Polish manufacturers of agricultural machines and snow ploughs. All their machines are designed and manufactured with high precision.


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