Winter Equipment

It seems a little early to be discussing winter equipment, but unfortunately it will be here sooner than we realize. So beat the rush and avoid disappointment with our extensive range of winter equipment, including gritters, snow ploughs and snow blowers.

Gritters: Winter equipment

We stock a good range of Pronar gritters, as well as being in the initial design stages of developing our own range.
We have the EPT 15 and EPT 21, both can be mounted on a pick up/truck/trailer.
EPT 15 has a 1500kg capacity – Prices start from £5,833 + vat
21 has a 2100kg capacity – Prices start from £6,212 + vat

winter equipment
EPT 15

HPT 40: a larger gritter idea for heavy vehicles equipped with a loading platform. Prices start from £19,318 + vat

winter equipment
HPT 40

HZS 10 – Self loading gritter, with a load capacity of 1700kg. The working width is adjustable from the operators cab. Prices start from £7,800 + vat including the highly recommended agitator.

winter equipment
HZS 10

Snow Ploughs

The snow ploughs from Pronar range from 1.9m – 4m working widths depending on model. Some models are available with 4 working positions. New and ex hire stock available.

Snow Blowers

These tractor snow blower attachments are extremely useful for moving large quantities of snow, well out of your way. Snow blowers allow you to direct where snow is blown so you can avoid large piles directly next to the roads or paths.
Akpil Stratos 2: Built with two augers and a working width of 2.4m you can work effectively to move snow. It can work through snow depths of up to 1.2m.
Current stock price: £8,300 + vat

winter equipment
Akpil Stratos 2

We have a great selection of winter equipment in stock, as well as ordering new stock. Options available for long term hire or purchase.

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