Matt Clarkson of Clarksons Contractors at Dinkley, recently tested the Pronar Muck Spreader N262/1 with great results. Priced at around 35k with the same gearbox as leading brands and a 25m spread, it can handle anything, from chicken muck to bedding muck Matt says.
See below for his machinery review.

Matt also said this Pronar muck spreader is as good as any, and a lot cheaper. I dont know why people are not using them. The day and age of farming has become very brand orientated, but when rates for contracting are picking up as fast as the tractor prices something needs to change!

Well buying the world leading supplier could be the answer. With proven reliability in the field, and excellent prices, you can do the same work in the same time without the massive outlay and depreciation.

This is the model that Orrell Group Contracting have also taken to attack the contracting side of their business. Enabling them to offer the same service at better rates because of less outlay on machinery saving both the farmer and the buyer money.